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Vanmoof+ subscriptions make $3,500 bikes seem affordable

The Verge, 4.10.2018

This new smart bike literally growls at people who try to steal it 

Fast company, 4.25.2018

Toronto is hosting a massive coffee festival this spring 

Narcity, 4.16.2018

Canada's top baristas hosting coffee classes

Daily hive, 5.14.2018

a two-day coffee festival is happening in Toronto this weekend

daily hive, 5.23.2018

Toronto's totally fabulous vegan bake off celebrates 10 years this march

daily Hive, 2.26.2018

Vanmoof's new theft-defying Electrified bikes are serious, fun 

The verge, 5.29.2018

Glorious natural hair inspo courtesy of our fave Celebs, 4.12.2018

Toronto is having a vegan bake off this week, looking for taste testers

Narcity, 3.5.2018


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