Girl Power: Press Pillay and Dovetail Summit Join Forces For Women’s Leadership

Dovetail Summit names Press Pillay official agency partner

Press Pillay, Toronto's leading boutique digital communications agency, has been named the official agency partner of the upcoming Dovetail Winter Women's Summit.

The Dovetail Summit is an invite-only retreat for female founders, investors and CEOs to promote the experiences and opportunities available to women in business. Attendees will strengthen their entrepreneurial knowledge while building authentic connections outside their day-to-day networks.

While the number of female business leaders has increased dramatically in the last decade, only 6.4% of CEOs leading Fortune's Top 500 companies are women.

"It's so important for women to support other women," said Alexis Dean, Founder and CEO of Dovetail. "The Dovetail Summit is dedicated to building a community of high performing female entrepreneurs and investors, creating more opportunities for women in leadership, and empowering women to build businesses that will change the world."

The partnership serves as one step of many in Press Pillay's efforts to empower women in business.

"Since our founding, we've ensured that female empowerment remains one of our core values here at Press Pillay," said Nesh Pillay, Press Pillay's Founder and Chief Executive. "Working with Dovetail will allow us to uncover and explore many of the issues facing women in business today."

The summit will be taking place from February 2-4 at Muskoka Leaders Institute.